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Google Adwords can be daunting for beginners, but the impact of Google’s network can provide quality leads and sales. Don’t miss this opportunity! So here are 10 tips that I’ve learned through trial and error, and advice. You can also view these 10 tips with resources at MentorMob. Lastly share. PPC is dynamic and not a static art and science. We all learn from one another.  

Tip 1 Google Adwords: Patience + calmness is key to lower CPCs + CPAs.

Tip 2 Create Search Image Ads for Google Adwords. “Riches in the Niches” method.

Tip 3 Make sure your landing page is optimized for leads or sales.

Tip 4 “PPC has a quicker impact than SEO for traffic,” @rso_consulting. Google and Yahoo!/Bing can bring leads and sales.

Tip 5 Set aside budgets for campaigns that meet your criteria and set aside budgets for testing.

Tip 6 Always have Google Adwords’ phone number. (866) 246-6453. Use it.

Tip 7 Keywords can be positive and negative. Remove negative search terms; save some money.

Tip 8 At the beginning of your campaign, run higher CPCs for one month. Grab enough traffic/data, and then fine tune.

Tip 9 Bulk it. You can upload ads, keywords and changes with Adwords Editor. Google’s greatest gift to SEM folks.

Final Tip for Adwords - Track conversions. Google Adwords’ most important feature.

Google Adwords is always changing. New features popup and you wouldn’t even notice it. So don’t fear! Dive in and play.

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